Cheap, Easy, SUGARLESS Valentine

I like to bring a little something to the gals I get to visit every month for church.  So, it has been a fun challenge for me to visit teach someone who can't have sugar.  I always check the Dollar Spot at Target for cute "treat" ideas to take with me.  I LOVE the holiday pails and always snatch some as soon as I see them.  (On a side note, is it just my Target, or does yours run out of the cute holiday stuff QUICK?)

When I saw the cute forget-me-not Valentine grow kits, I immediately thought of Elder Uchtdorf's talk at the last General Relief Society Meeting.  I figured it would make an easy and cute gift for the sisters I visit!

So, I put a little red tissue paper in the bottom of the pail, and tied some red and pink tulle to the handle.  

I couldn't find a "Forget Not" printable that I thought matched well enough, so I made my own :)  Until I figure out how to do a download program, here is a good substitute:

Slipped it in the back of the bucket and called it good. 

Will you be giving "sweetless" treats to anyone this Valentine's Day?  What are your ideas?

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  1. That is such a great idea!!! I always try to get my son something other than candy for holidays. They get enough sugar without me loading them down too. I think he would love this idea, even if I just get him some little potted plant or seeds for him to grow! Thanks for the idea!


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