caroline's closet: february review

So, here are a few shots (some of them pretty bad!) of what I wore in the last month...

Don't look now, this outfit looks familiar ----->
Pretty good for a 10 yr old photographer  ;)

Sunday, church outfit.  New to me garage sale shoes, white pleated skirt: thrifted years ago, red sweater: free from a friend (I chopped it open, I'm more of a cardigan girl), homemade earrings.

Can you tell spring is on it's way?  Bumming around the house, Shirt: goodwill, capri jeans: bought by hubby (so I have NO IDEA where he got them, prolly target). Hubby would say it's typical: no shoes.

Bumming around the house again and holding the baby to keep her out of the toilet, same baby, same outfit, hah! :)  Jeans: target, striped tank: shade, sweater: salvation army ($1!), and again no shoes.

Church again, Sweater: goodwill, shirt & skirt: downeast basics, 
boots:goodwill, earrings: twinkle world

Sorry, night shot and the mirror is horribly dirty (it's not my legs, I promise ;)).  Too many short people in this house who like to look at themselves in the mirror, not counting me!  This was for a Sunday evening open house.  Anyway, sweater: target, shirt: shade, skirt: old hand me down dress of Elizabeth's that I cut the top off of, shoes: DSW, earrings: twinkle world.

Here, I just got my hair cut again.  My friend Bonnie does an awesome job, I think :)
Another night shot, and it was a little cold.  Sorry, no shoes.  It was late :)

For those of you who couldn't stand the crookedness above (ME!),
 Sweater: target, shirt: downeast basics, jeans: target, headband: dollartree, earrings: twinkle world.

Maybe I'll get that mirror cleaned off before next month.
Is it warming up where you live? Are you ready to pull out your springy clothes?

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  1. great outfits! Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

    Here are mine if you get a second to take a peak:

    1. Thanks for stopping by! It so much fun to look at everyone's outfits and get ideas

  2. You look fantastic! Wish I could go thrift shopping with you. I never go alone...

    1. Thanks Nicole! I never go anywhere alone either, as evidenced by my pic, lol ;)

      Next time we get together we'll ditch the kids and go. You and Elizabeth should go together! I hear she has good thrift stores :)

  3. Nice photos<3

    1. Thanks! Someday I'll get a real camera, but not any time soon. I'm sure someday these pics will make me cringe, but for now they'll have to do :)


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