caroline's closet: march review

My family knows I love cute shoes.  When we had carpet installed, the guy who did it made some comment about the number of pairs I had in the closet.  Honestly, I didn't think I had that many- I'd gotten rid of a bunch. He should have seen my closet before :)  But I do often pick my shoes first, and then made my outfit go with it. **Did you know it's really hard to take a picture of your own feet? ;)

Here is an example of that shoe-inspiration in action for a girl's night: shirt (hand-me-down), belt (thrifted, 10 cents!), jeans (thrifted $14, new-to-me hollister), shoes (garage sale $1), bracelets (Target  dollar spot clearance, 50 cents for both).

Out shopping on a cool, spring day: sweater (Target), shirt (DownEast Basics), jeans (thrifted), shoes (thrifted), headband (dollar tree), earrings ($1 Twinkle World).

Not liking this one so much- you win some, you lose some: shirt (thrifted), jeans (polka dot from Target), necklace & bracelet ($1 each Twinkle World), shoes (thrifted).

Cleaning at home, boring I know: shirt (Shade), capris (thrifted).

Shopping navy and yellow: sweater (so old I don't remember), tank (yellow and white stripe from Shade), shorts (thrifted, I need to fix the hem cause they hit me in the wrong spot), shoes (Payless), earrings ($1 Twinkle World)

Out shopping again: shirt (thrifted), cami (DownEast Basics), shorts (thrifted), shoes (thrifted), bracelet & earrings (gift from Elizabeth), headband (Dollar Tree)

Cute baby who wanted her picture too: made by me :)

Close(er) up of cute earrings made by Elizabeth.
keeping phone away from grabby baby.

I seriously need to remember to let the 10 year old take the pictures.  Sorry about the stinky iphone pics :)  I'll try to do better this month!

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  1. Cute outfits, as usual! You always look so put together. Must be the shoes! ;)

    1. I stayed in my PJ's half the day one day last week. I got lots done but couldn't figure out why I just felt...awkward (to quote Midger). It was because I wasn't dressed. It's gotten to be a habit. :)

  2. The things you make yourself are the best;-)

    You look fantastic! Wish you girls could come exercise with me each day.

    1. I've been doing the just dance sweat at night lately since the baby isn't sleeping. Boring all by myself, but it works. My last blood draw all my levels were back in normal range! Yeah!

  3. Love that last pic of you and your baby! How funny that you pick your outfits around your shoes...I might rival you in numbers...I should count sometimes, I get them at good will, too!

    1. The baby makes it hard to take pictures, but she's so fun. You inspired me to take more pictures of me, we had very few before, now there are plenty!


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