thrifty finds: consignment sale

There is a MOMs group that hosts a consignment sale twice a year at a church a few blocks from my house. It's always fabulous and I keep it on my calendar to go. Here is my loot :)

We went to Disney World last month, and my Minnie Mouse-loving 2 year old really wanted to get a "baby Minnie."  For $4 instead of $25, she'll get one soon!  Disney wallets for 5 year old ($2) and princess dress-ups for the 3 year old ($8). 

Crocs for the shoe obsessed 2 year old for fifty cents!  Next size up swim suit and matching swim shirt for my 8 year old ($4) plus underskirt shorts and next size up leggings ($1, $1.50), Mommy hook (these are FABULOUS! $3),  cute double picture frame ($1), hat for 3 year old ($1.50).

PG shirts, $3 each,  (Elizabeth do you like these?)

12 month PJ's for the 8 month old (5 for $5.50),

and a few outfits ($12 altogether).  Being the fourth girl, baby needed some new clothes.

I've been trying to stay away from Goodwill while I'm decluttering.  So this was a fun distraction!  

Do you have favorite sales or shops you go to over and over?  
Are you excited for garage sale season to start?  

I sure am!  All the big neighborhood sales are in the next month here.


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    1. I know! It's fun to have a shopping buddy! No one else around here seems to get as excited about the sale as me :)

  2. What finds you always find! Maybe if I wasn't so lazy I'd be finding good things too :) Cute shirts ;)

    1. You're not lazy, you're incubating and need your rest! I'm sending the grey one to you :)


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