disney autograph book

We had a rush planned (less than six weeks) trip to Disney World this spring.  We had a fabulous time and wanted to pass a long a few little tips and tricks we learned along the way! 

Autograph books are a fun Disney tradition, and the kids loved getting the character's pictures and signatures.  But let's face it, they would have ended up tossed in a drawer for a while and then in the trash.  Elizabeth had a great idea before we left to have the characters sign a mat that we could put a family picture in, to remember our fun vacation.  Our mat just came from the picture frame section at Wal-mart.  I kept it in the protective film it came in throughout the trip so it wouldn't get ruined, especially when it was pouring rain the first day!

The only thing I would do different next time: bring a fine tip sharpie for them to sign with, so the signatures show up a little better.

We love it!  It's a great momento from our first Disney vacation!

If you've been to a Disney park before, tell us what you did with your autographs.  Are they tucked away in a drawer, or displayed somewhere?


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  1. Ah! I love it! We'll totally do this whenever we go again. Turned out super cute, where to do you normally display it?

    1. You mean other than the back porch, lol! On the shelf in the family room next to our beach picture :)


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