strawberry jello & fig preserves

I took my kids on a road trip to visit my family a couple of weeks ago.  And theses beauties were in my Mom's backyard:

Fig trees.  They were huge and had tons of figs.

My kids ate them off the trees and brought more in so we could try making some jam my mom had heard about.  Fig jam made with strawberry jello.  We found a recipe, and tried it out.  We didn't use any fresh strawberries cause we were not taking all the heathens to the store.  We just used more chopped figs instead.  Following the recipe directions, we made the fruit mixture (BTW, Mom said next time she would like to try chopping the figs up a little more, to give more texture like jam instead of bigger like we did this time for preserves.)

Boiling the fruit mixture.

Putting it into clean, hot jars.

Processing in a water bath canner.

All done!

Lovely jars of jam!

Yummy!  Another great project with my mom.  And just FYI, my jam making curse continues.  Any jam or jelly I help make, will not completely set.  Sorry Mom! ;)

Don't forget to look for the recipe at Pick Your Own.  
It's great and has directions and pictures to help you every step of the way!


  1. I've always thought that I didn't like figs.... then a few years ago, we were in California and went to this little ice cream place and they had fig malts. I fell in love with the taste!

    I'm visiting from Cozy Little House.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Judy! I feel the same way about figs. I hated them as a kid. But this jam is good! Although I do have to say, I have always loved fig newtons ;)

  2. We have a fig tree in our back yard. I don't know anything about it. You are welcome anytime to come & see or take some figs when available.

    1. Sounds good! We'll trade you figs for jam :)


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