gallery wall in progress

So this is what I started out thinking bout for the basic layout of our soon to be gallery wall above the piano in the living room.  My kids don't want to give Santa up. Seriously, my twelve year old asked if we could leave him up until after Christmas. Idon'tthinksobuddy. 
I have been ever. so. slowly. been working on this project.  
I finally got the fancy gold Chewbacca frame painted.  Hubs probably thinks I need another chalkboard like I need another hole in my head.  But here it is anyway!

Isn't she pretty now?  I didn't mourn the dog at all.

And today an exciting package came...our new family picture! Elizabeth very kindly took it for us in June and I'm just now getting it printed.  That's how we roll around here.
Doesn't he look excited?  Now I just have totally redo my plan because the picture I ended up choosing is landscape instead of portrait.  Maybe I'll get it done before Christmas! ;)

Would you paint all the frames white or leave them different colors? 
(My family portrait is color, not black and white.)


  1. I would paint the frames to match since they're all so different. You crack me up.

    1. I think you're right about painting them all white. Simpler is better. I'm glad you think I'm funny ;)

  2. Well I'm probably no help at all on this, but if you're going to have the E in color, then the frames should probably be different colors. But I'd go with varying shades of similar colors, if that makes sense? If the E is the only thing on the wall in color (other than the pictures) I think your eye would be drawn to it if all of the frames are white.


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