living room gallery wall finished

Because I'm slower than molasses, it took me a few months to complete this project. Especially since  I have this irrational fear of putting holes in the walls. But I knew it would take me awhile to work up the nerve, so when my Mom visited before Christmas, I took advantage of her bravery and we threw the pictures on the wall. 

Here is my original idea for my thrifty gallery wall.  My kids were kind of bummed when I took Santa down, right before Christmas. 

The chalkboard frame was from goodwill ($4), the mirrors were from a garage sale, ($1 each), and the temple photo is from lil' luna ($1 goodwill frame).

Our engagement picture from 15 years ago! in a garage sale frame (50 cents), chunky turquoise E goodwill $1, Daniel (our little boy that passed away) in a goodwill frame $1, and the families are forever print was a wedding gift. 

The large metal scrollie piece was from hobby lobby, the big family photo is from this garage sale ($3), and I ordered the large family pic online that Elizabeth took for us last summer.

Now I just need to finish the lamp and then I'm declaring this room done. For now. ;)

Does anyone else have the decorating sickness where no room is ever really done?
I am forever finding another thing to change!

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