quick tip: help your bread dough rise faster


Happy Friday! I have a quick tip I picked up this week: use a heating pad to help warm up your bread dough so it will rise faster! I don't know about you, but frequently when I'm baking, my open floor plan kitchen means it's nice and cool in there. Not the best place for trying to get my bread to rise quickly so I can bake it and move on to other things already.  Or maybe because dinner is running behind. (Again...ahem.)


So get out your heating pad, plug it in and turn it on. Place your baking dish or pan on top. {This Rosemary whole wheat focaccia bread turned out wonderfully and fast! Look for the recipe next week!}


And don't forget to cover your bread with a light cotton towel to lock in the warm, moist air, which makes for the best bread!

Bake as usual and enjoy your delicious bread quicker than you thought! Maybe dinner will be on time after all! 😉


  1. Brilliant! My old oven would go down as low as 100 so I just used it as a proofing drawer, but my new oven won't go lower than 170. Love this idea- thanks!

    1. I thought it was pretty great too. Until I get a double oven (that'll be the day), I'll be using this. I am forever needing to proof dough with a too hot oven and a too cold kitchen. You're so welcome Meghan!


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