High Wire Living is all about the juggling that goes on when at my house while I'm trying to raise my family, taking care of my home, and work on the creative projects and hobbies that I just can't get enough of. Join me up on the high wire as I share some of my latest home and craft projects, recipes, tips, thrifty finds, and more!

I am Caroline, wife to the hubs, mom of four girls, and four boys, ages 15 to 2. I create (sew, paint, cook, organize, etc) to stay sane. I like to work on my making my house a home and having traditions (We LOVE holidays!) with my family. My house isn't always spotless, but I'm trying to learn balance for all the people around my home who need my attention more than the dust bunnies :)

HWL Contributors

I am Elizabeth, Caroline's sister, the lucky wife of a medical resident, and mommy to three cute boys. I enjoy doing all kinds of crafts and projects, but I have a hard time just sticking with one thing at a time! I enjoy sewing, cooking, trying to decorate my home, learning about photography (very slowly!) and selling handmade jewelry in my Etsy shop.

Shannon is a mom, crafter, and AWESOME photographer.  When she's not busy taking everyone's pictures, she is either crafting with her girls, scrapbooking, or taking someone to a music lesson.